Structural Integration Therapy & Rolfing

You know the feeling ... 

You've been sitting at your desk all day, and when it's time to get up, you're stiff and sore. Maybe you feel like your back is out of whack. Maybe you can't seem to get rid of that awful tension headache. Or maybe it's your shoulders—they're so tight they feel like they're going to snap!

If any of these describe what you're going through, then Rolfing might be just what you need. Rolfing is a form of bodywork developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1940s that works by restoring the body's natural posture and structure by working with the fascia (the connective tissue around our muscles). The idea behind Rolfing is that as we age our bodies tend to develop imbalances in their structures—and those imbalances can cause pain and discomfort throughout our lives.

Rolfing is a holistic bodywork and movement therapy that focuses on connective tissue and fascia – the tissues that surround the muscles, bones, nerves and organs of our body. It seeks to release contractions in your fascia which cause you pain and imbalance.

Rolfing is a revolutionary method of structural realignment that provides immediate and long-term relief from back pain and other muscle and joint aches.